Are you one of those people who loves clicking on things because it makes a satisfying sound? Maybe not, but you might be surprised by how much your experience can improve with the click of a button. This article explores what it means to have an AI-powered editor and how that could help you in the future.

What does this mean to your business?

Bloggers can rejoice! According to a recent study by Aberdeen Group, customer satisfaction is highest for online customers who receive feedback through in-app messages and clicks on links than those who receive no feedback at all. The study also found that when customers have to interact with a brand or service for their satisfaction, it leads to better ratings and reviews.

Now that you know your customers are happy with the experience they have with you online, take steps to make sure you’re providing the best possible customer experience. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, your forms aren’t asking for too much information, and that your messaging is clear and concise. Constant communication will keep your customers happy and coming back for more!

Why care about the clickability of your website?

If you care about the clickability of your website, there are a few things you can do to improve it. Here are a few reasons why:

First and foremost, making sure your website is mobile-friendly is crucial. Not only will this make it easier for people to navigate on their devices, but it’ll also help you attract more visitors from the growing number of smartphone users.

Furthermore, making sure your website looks good and easy to read is important. Poorly designed websites can be difficult to navigate, which can lead to lost visitors and frustrated customers.

Finally, optimizing your website for clicks is an important way to increase your CTR (click through rate). This means ensuring that as many people as possible click through from your homepage or landing page to reach your offers or products.

By taking these three simple steps—making your website mobile-friendly, designing it well, and optimizing it for clicks—you can help ensure that your website is both easy to use and attractive to visitors.

Benefits of a more clickable website

There are many benefits to making your website more clickable. Not only will this improve user experience, but it can also lead to increased traffic and conversions. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Increased Engagement

A more clickable website will automatically lead to increased engagement. Users will be more likely to stay on your site and interact with your content. This can result in higher conversion rates, as users who are engaged are more likely to complete a purchase or sign up for your email list.

2. Increased Conversions

A more clickable website will also lead to increased conversions. The main reason for this is that users will be more likely to stay on your site and explore your content. This means that they’ll be more likely to find what they’re looking for and make a purchase or sign up for your email list.

3. Improved User Experience

Not only do increased clicks result in improved user experience, but they can also improve overall accessibility and usability. A more clickable website is easier to navigate, which makes it easier for users of all levels of experience to find what they’re looking for. This also leads to faster page load


A study by the University of Utah found that the click of the keyboard makes for a better experience when it comes to online shopping. The study found that people who typed their responses felt more in control and had a better overall experience than those who used the mouse. The researchers believe that this is because people who type are more engaged with their environment and are able to take full advantage of the features available on a website.