On an idyllic Saturday morning, parents and their makoonites (students of Makoons Play School) stepped out of their classrooms, replaced the traditional stationery with hiking shoes, and set out for a memorable Parents’ Day celebration at Ovala, Thane. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary, the school organized a trek to a nearby waterfall, providing the community with a refreshing blend of natural beauty and bonding.

In a departure from the traditional celebrations, Makoons Play School chose to usher in Parents’ Day by harnessing the breathtaking charm of Ovala’s verdant landscape. The event saw parents, teachers, and students join hands to participate in an exhilarating trek that led them to a scenic waterfall, located within a short distance from the school. With overcast skies and a cool breeze to accompany them, the joyful entourage witnessed the perfect harmony of nature and celebration.

Vijay Kumar Agarwal, the CEO of the Makoons Group of Schools, expressed his thoughts on the day’s proceedings, “In our attempt to impart holistic education, we strive to create experiences that transcend the confines of a classroom. The trek was not just an adventurous journey, but an opportunity to inculcate values of teamwork, resilience, and respect for nature among our makoonites. Today, on Parents’ Day, we witnessed the beautiful culmination of our educational philosophy.”

Under the able leadership of Director Meenakshi Shanbhag, the Makoons Play School in Ovala, Thane, has been known for innovative initiatives that focus on experiential learning. She opined, “We believe education is a joint endeavor between parents and teachers. Our initiative for Parents’ Day was aimed at providing a platform for shared experiences and collective memories. Seeing our makoonites and their parents experience the joy of trekking, the thrill of discovery, and the sheer pleasure of companionship, we are reminded why we chose this unique path of celebration.”

The event was filled with excitement, joy, and learning, as parents and their children navigated the trail, helped each other across tricky terrains, and rejoiced at the sight of the magnificent waterfall. While the little ones chatted and laughed, parents and teachers enjoyed the opportunity to interact outside the usual parent-teacher meetings.

The day’s festivities concluded with a small picnic near the waterfall where families shared meals, stories, and laughter, further reinforcing the community feeling. The echoes of fun and merriment lingered long after the day had ended, etching the event in the hearts of everyone present.

This memorable Parents’ Day celebration underlined the essence of Makoons Play School’s commitment to its philosophy – that learning can be both fun and meaningful, inside and outside the classroom. In this dynamic learning journey, the school community continues to explore and experience new avenues, demonstrating the true spirit of innovative education.