Chennai’s Sree Narayana Mission Senior Secondary School, established 55 years ago, excels in academics and holistic development. Renowned for intellectual prowess, extracurricular engagement, and co-curricular achievements, the school celebrates its 55th year with the “Sree Narayana Mission World Records Festival 2023” from Sept 28-Oct 8. The festival aims to establish 55 world records, certified by prestigious bodies like Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records. On August 9, 2023, in Chennai, Vijayan Udayakumar (Vice President), T.D.Rajan (Treasurer), Deepak Devarajan (Secretary), and S.Jayalakshmi (Principal) addressed the press, sharing further details.

Pradeesh Kumar.R(Grade-IX), is gearing up for the Longest Lecture Marathon by, his capacity to engage and educate is projected to leave a lasting impact. Vigneshwaran.S(Grade-VIII), is anticipated to captivate audiences with his eloquence during the Longest Public Speaking Marathon, his unwavering speech and ability to engage listeners are projected to make a lasting impact.

Anticipate a breathtaking performance from Shrinidhi.R, representing (Grade XI) as she embarks on the Longest Veena Concert, her melodious notes and soulful rendition are projected to leave the audience enthralled. While, Krishna.B(Grade XI),is all set to showcase his musical prowess with the Longest Mridangam Concert, his rhythmic virtuosity and mastery of the instrument are expected to create a mesmerizing musical experience.

Afrin.A(Grade-VII), is anticipated to showcase her artistic prowess during the “Longest Pencil Sketching Marathon, her dedication to her craft is expected to result in an impressive display of sketches. Vedswarup.P(Grade-VI), is on a mission to establish the Longest Slokas Recitation Marathon, his dedication to traditional recitation is anticipated to be truly inspirational and spiritual.

Dikshita.K(Grade-V), is expected to demonstrate her reading prowess through the Most Books Reviewed in 3 Hours, her ability to synthesize information and provide insightful reviews is projected to make her stand out. Durgasri.S(Grade-VI), is set to embark on the Longest Cooking Marathon by showcasing her culinary skills in an engaging and innovative way, while Megha.H(Grade-VIII), is aiming for the title “Most Fireless Dishes Cooked in 3 hours”, her innovative cooking methods are expected to result in a delectable array of dishes.

Kavinesh.N(Grade-III), will embark on creating the Largest Origami Hats Mosaic. Simultaneously, Yeshwanth.K.M(Grade-XI), will be tasked with crafting the Largest Origami Balls Mosaic. Their dedication and skill will shine as they meticulously assemble an array of origami models into a captivating mosaic.

AshokPatel.G (Grade-VI), will craft the Largest Origami Fishes Mosaic, showcasing beauty and complexity. Simultaneously, Sankhya.P(Grade-VII), aims for the Largest Kirigami Mosaic, highlighting precision and finesse in paper artistry. Lakshanya.G(Grade-IV), is on track to achieve the Most Origami Balls made in 2 Hours, her dexterity and focus are projected to result in a stunning collection of origami balls within the time limit.

Grade-IX students Shrikeshav.R and Rohit Venkatachalam.S will create the Largest Origami Houses Mosaic and the Largest Origami Hearts Mosaic, respectively. Their dedication to detail and innovation will yield captivating mosaics embodying the spirit of origami.

Gokul Karthik.S(Grade-XI) aims for “Most Origami Models Made in 3 Hours” with extraordinary speed and precision. Advaith.A(Grade-IV), targets “Most Kirigami Models Made in 2 Hours” showcasing precision and creativity. Jigisha.S(Grade-III), is set to showcase her artistic skills by attempting the Most Pictures Coloured in 3 Hours, her creativity and attention to detail are expected to result in a vibrant and captivating collection of coloured images.

Sujay Bharathi.K.V(Grade-VI), is geared up to achieve the Most Pencil Shades completed in 3 Hours, his adeptness at shading and blending is projected to yield a remarkable display of pencil artistry. Pranav.A(Grade-IX), is projected to showcase his strategic thinking and puzzle-solving abilities by attempting the Most Sudoku Puzzles Solved in 3 Hours.

A group of young talents is ready to shine. Avighna.V.S(L.K.G), will impress with the Most Sight Words Recalled in 4 Minutes. Harish Karthik.S(Grade I), aims to identify the Most Modes of Transport in 4 Minutes through digital images. Navya Sri.R(PRE-KG), will establish the Most Digital Images of Vegetables Identified in 2 Minutes, and Bala Muruga.P(LKG), will captivate by identifying the Most Digital Images of Animals and Sea Creatures in 4 Minutes. Their skills and abilities are set to amaze.

Vinayakraam.S(Grade-III), is gearing up for the Most Puzzles Solved by a Pre-Schooler in 60 Minutes, his ability to decode and solve puzzles is anticipated to showcase his cognitive prowess. Maanvika Manojkumar(LKG) is expected to weave enchanting tales during the Most Short Stories Narrated by a Pre Schooler in 30 Minutes, her imaginative narratives are projected to capture the hearts of the audience.

Adith Sriram(Grade-IV), is set to display his mathematical prowess with the Most Single Digit Mental Arithmetic Addition Problems (3 Rows) Solved in 7 Minutes. N.Nachiappan(Grade IX), is set to attempt the record for Most Times Pyraminx Solved in 2 Hours, showcasing incredible speed and skill. Perathur Arjun Srinivasan(Grade I) is poised to embark on the Longest Chess Marathon as a Pre-Schooler, demonstrating remarkable chess prowess at such a tender age.

As these young achievers prepare to break records and leave an indelible mark, the Sree Narayana Mission World Records Festival promises to be an inspiring testament to their talent and dedication.


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