Arif Patel, a founder, owner, and chairman of Preston Trading, was born on July 12, 1985, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an economic hub. He was brought up in the prospering hub of industry. He has a strong sense of entrepreneurship by birth. He was a brilliant student during his early schooling. Presently, he is one of the leading pioneers in the energy sector who is not only inspiring but also helping the dedicated generation to work for their business.


After he completed his schooling, Arif Patel and his family were concerned to search for new experiences and opportunities so they decided to move to another place. And in 2010, they all together relocated to Preston, United Kingdom. This change signified the commencement of his educational and professional development. He has progressed to a position of prominence in the exploration and production of oil and gas over the years.


Arif Patel is dedicated to doing well at every place either at school, college or in his professional career. Actually, he was quite enthusiastic for his work toward enhancing his knowledge for engineering and business. Even though he was very young, he worked hard and gained a strong foundation in engineering principles and built his deep understanding of the technical aspects of the field. He dedicated himself to learning a lot at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England, while earning his bachelor’s degree. Patel continued studying Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh with the goal of getting a master’s degree in the field and to learn more in the same way. The things he learned in school helped him become an expert in petroleum engineering and set him up for a successful job in that field.


Preston Trading was founded by Arif Patel is the owner, founder, and chairman of the company who has played a major role in the oil and gas sector. His approach to strategy has produced the best results. In a very competitive market, He not only led the firm to new heights but also established its reputation as a technologically advanced leader. Under Mr. Patel’s leadership, the company has grown as a major player in the industry and built a reputation for being the best for innovative techniques and unwavering commitment to quality.


After doing well at Preston Trading, he co-founded the United Kingdom (UK) Group, which showed that he was more than a good businessman at that time. During his work, his experience at all the organizations has been very important in encouraging business partnerships and boosting economic growth in many different fields. Actually, the credit of success of all those organizations goes to Mr. Arif Patel Preston who had the ability to notice & take advantage of new opportunities.


In 2012, Arif Patel was the CEO of ABC Capital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. During his time at ABC Capital, he showed his capability leading people and making plans. ABC Capital has grown its business and become more important in the banking industry and all became possible under his leadership. It is Patel’s extensive understanding of market trends and his ability to handle tough financial situations behind the company’s continued success. Patel has deep knowledge of how the market is changing. In fact, he is able to handle tough financial situations is the key for the company’s continued success.


Presently, Arif Patel continues to be recognized widely in Dubai’s business world. He is an expert in investments, the gas and oil industries, and with these capabilities he is in high demand as a leader and adviser. Simultaneously, Patel has a variety of business interests, which shows that he can broaden his interests in order to achieve safety along with long-term wealth.


With his amazing skills and achievements, Arif has developed his reputation as a pioneer in the business industry. He has been identified as one of the top 10 funding employer leaders, and gave proof of his amazing skills. He considers and motivates group empowerment, promoting a collaborative lifestyle, and continues motivating people for learning and growth.


Arif Patel has a remarkable journey as a successful businessman from Dubai to Preston and back to Dubai. This trip was marked by his vision, determination, and discipline. He has contributed to the oil and gas industry by building and running great institutions. He is known as a reputed investment leader who has impacted the business industry beautifully. He leads and comes up with new ideas, which inspires the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.