August 1, 2023, Tamil Nadu, India,Talented students from Frontline Schools have made headlines with their remarkable artistic achievements. Their dedication, creativity, and messages of environmental preservation, world peace, patriotism, and safety have inspired communities and brought pride to their schools and families. Let’s delve into the extraordinary accomplishments of these young artists and the meaningful stories behind their record-breaking mosaics bagging Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy and Tamilan Book of Records.

Rajesh.M., the proud father of NathishPrabhu.R, a student from The Frontline Academy, is thrilled to state his son’s remarkable achievement in creating the largest kirigami mosaic. Nathish dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and skill, spending countless hours crafting this exceptional artwork. With 3,000 kirigami models in five vibrant colors, covering an impressive area of 20.55 square meters, depicting a mesmerizing view of a river, the artwork carried a powerful message of “Save Our Noyyal.” Nathish’s meticulous attention to detail resulted in a captivating mosaic that calls for the preservation of our natural resources, he further added.

Kavitha.R, the mother of Narun Prakash.R, a talented Grade IV student from The Frontline Academy, proudly shares her son’s accomplishment in creating the largest origami mosaic. Narun invested his time and expertise, dedicating numerous hours to complete this masterpiece. Using 5,000 origami models in six vibrant colors, covering an impressive area of 24.38 square meters, the artwork featured a model representing the globe held by hands, symbolizing the powerful message of “We Stand for World Peace.” Narun’s intricate origami work beautifully conveyed the importance of unity, harmony, and peace among nations, aiming to inspire others to work towards a harmonious and peaceful world.

Somasundaram.P and Yasodha.S, the proud parents of Sarvesh.S, a Grade VIII student from The Frontline Academy, expressed their excitement for their son’s achievement for creating the largest seed balls mosaic. Meticulously arranging 65,000 seed balls in four vibrant colors, the mosaic covered an impressive area of 36.66 square meters. The artwork depicted a powerful image of three humans joining hands together, symbolizing “Unity in Diversity.” Sarvesh’s seed balls mosaic celebrated the beauty of diversity and showcased the strength of unity. It is their hope that this world record-setting artwork will inspire others to appreciate diversity and foster unity and compassion for a better future.

Kamal Karthick.S.R., the father of Manasa Nagha Sri K.S, a Grade IX student from Frontline Millennium School, radiates with pride as he shares his daughter’s remarkable accomplishment. Manasa has set a new world record by creating the largest national flag made with origami hearts. Starting on July 20, 2023, she dedicated her time and skill, Using 14,000 origami hearts in four vibrant colors, the mosaic spanned an impressive area of 30.375 square meters. The national flag made of origami hearts stands as a powerful symbol of patriotism and love for one’s country. Manasa’s artwork captures the essence of these values and inspires others to cherish and uphold the spirit of their nation.

Karthikeyan.P., the father of Sivasalapathi Abinav.K, a talented Grade IV student from The Frontline Academy, shares the proud moment when his son made history by creating the largest national flag made with paper cups. The awe-inspiring mosaic covered a vast area of 54 square meters. Abinav meticulously arranged an astounding 15,000 paper cups in four vibrant colors to form a captivating representation of the Indian national flag. Abinav’s masterpiece pays tribute to the country and its rich heritage. Inspired by the nation’s pride and unity, Abinav hopes his mosaic instills a sense of patriotism and admiration for our motherland.

Rani.M, the mother of Harishni S., a Grade VI student from Frontline Millennium School, proudly shares her daughter’s remarkable achievement. Harishni has created the “Largest Origami Fish Mosaic” using 8,000 intricately folded origami fish in four colors. The captivating mosaic measured 19.89 square meters. The artwork conveyed the message “Tirupur Strives for Cancer Free Lives” with a Breast Cancer Awareness logo. Harishni’s dedication and creativity were showcased in this exceptional accomplishment, which serves as a powerful symbol of support for cancer-free lives in the Tirupur community. The caption recognizes the unstating effort of Rtn.Dr. Muruganathan and his team of Rotarians, who have built a state-of-the-art Cancer block at Tirupur Medical College hospital, thus making cancer treatment accessible to the people of Tirupur.

Arunagiri.S, the father of Nithish.A, a talented Grade X student from The Frontline Academy, proudly announces his son’s extraordinary achievement. Nithish has set a new world record by creating the largest plastic balls mosaic. The impressive mosaic spanned an expansive area of 81.99 square meters. Nithish meticulously arranged an astonishing 75,000 plastic balls in five vibrant colors to form a captivating image of a helmet, accompanied by the caption “SAFETY FIRST HELMET MUST.” Nithish’s mosaic serves as a powerful visual reminder to prioritize safety in our daily lives.

Each of these remarkable achievements represents the dedication, skill, and creativity of the students and have become symbols of unity, peace, environmental preservation, patriotism, and safety. Through their incredible artwork, they have brought pride not only to their schools and families but also to their communities.


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