Bengaluru, 13 April 2024: On this Earth Day, Bengaluru witnessed the heartwarming initiative of 13-year-old climate activist, Manya Harsha. In a tribute to her late grandmother, V Rudramma, Manya embarked on a mission to repurpose cherished sarees into eco-friendly reusable bags, launching “Project Grandma’s Green Weave (Saree to Sustain)” on November 5th, 2023, marking the first anniversary of her grandmother’s passing.


Manya’s passion for environmentalism began at the tender age of four, inspired by her grandmother’s nature tales. Channeling her grief into meaningful action, she aimed to honor her grandmother’s memory while promoting sustainability. With “Project Grandma’s Green Weave,” Manya aimed not only to celebrate her grandmother’s legacy but also to inspire a new wave of environmental consciousness among the youth.


Under “Project Grandma’s Green Weave,” Manya has successfully distributed over 9500 sustainable bags made from approximately 500 sarees and 100 bedspreads. Each saree yields around 12-15 bags, showcasing the project’s efficiency in repurposing fabric. Moreover, Manya conducted a Saree (fabric only) Donation Drive (no cash donation accepted) , collecting nearly 300 sarees and 100 bedspreads from various apartments in Bengaluru, which were tailored into 7500 additional sustainable bags.


Manya’s vision extends beyond repurposing sarees; she dreams of constructing a green world where sustainable bags replace plastic. Her campaign advocates for a ban on plastic bags, urging everyone to opt for reusable alternatives when shopping.


Apart from “Project Grandma’s Green Weave,” Manya is the founder of the “SUNSHINE- Children for Change Campaign,” through which she has distributed thousands of saplings, organized numerous cleanups, collected 200 kgs of plastic waste and conducted workshops and seminars on environmental Thousands of Youth and students have benefited from her Workshops and Seminars. 


Recognized for her environmental advocacy, Manya has received numerous awards, including the 2023 International Young Eco-Hero Award,  the Green Childhoods Voice of the Year Climate Change 2023 Award, Rising Star Award 2021 from India Network and Water Hero 2020 from Jal Ministry of India. Her work towards Water Activism is recognised and uploaded on the Page of UN Water. 


Speaking on Earth Day, Manya emphasized the importance of taking action against climate change, stating, “The Earth is our home. Every day is Earth Day and Water Day to me. I didn’t want to simply witness the destruction of Mother Earth. She is our mother, and it’s our duty as her children to stand up for our parents.”


“Project Grandma’s Green Weave (Saree to Sustain)” represents a powerful force driven by genuine concern for the planet’s future. Manya Harsha is resolute in demanding action against climate change, recognizing that their generation will bear the brunt of its consequences.



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